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Home Computing Weekly Magazine

Home Computing Weekly was a magazine published from 1983-1985 about computer software and the industry at large.


texts 129

The Computer Magazine Archives

computing weekly 118
program 109
software 106
spectrum 101
computing 85
machine code 83
print 62
software reviews 57
commodore 56
bbc 43
letters letters 40
programs 37
computer 27
game 27
goto 26
mail order 26
games 25
charing cross 24
dragon 24
graphics 22
weekly 22
data 20
poke 18
spectrum program 18
thai 17
crll 16
spectrum software 16
ink 15
bbc micro 13
code 13
screen 11
cls 10
microdeal dragon 10
print ink 10
beep 9
return 9
call 8
gosub 8
special offer 8
ultimate spectrum 8
arc 7
call clear 7
educational software 7
ihc 7
print tab 7
sinclair 7
address manager 6
atari program 6
fdr 6
gold rush 6
oric 6
rom 6
screen display 6
sprite 6
trade enquiries 6
arcade action 5
arcade game 5
basic program 5
clever clogs 5
disc drive 5
extended basic 5
hcw 5
ihe game 5
melbourne house 5
micro 5
ram 5
ram pack 5
richard shepherd 5
sound effects 5
arcade 4
arcade games 4
california gold 4
cassette 4
cbm 4
dealer enquiries 4
draw 4
finance manager 4
fruit machine 4
joystick 4
plot 4
print paper 4
randomize usr 4
sound 4
adventure game 3
adventure series 3
asp software 3
attr 3
cfill 3
character set 3
code routine 3
crsr 3
dealer enquires 3
hill industrial 3
ihe program 3
ihe screen 3
micro byte 3
order form 3
oric program 3
poke usr 3
rand usr 3
rem program 3
rem set 3
shire hill 3
sinclair spectrum 3
software centre 3
software house 3
software houses 3
software library 3
special report 3
spectrum programming 3
user defined 3
usr 3
white barrows 3
wildest dreams 3
adventure games 2
april 2
argus specialist 2
background colour 2
basic 2
bbc program 2
bubble bus 2
call char 2
call hchar 2
call sound 2
caps shift 2
cassette inlay 2
character 2
chinese juggler 2
code program 2
computer games 2
computing weeklv 2
credit card 2
danger mouse 2
data data 2
dealer directory 2
display 2
display file 2
display list 2
dragon program 2
drru 2
endproc 2
graphics mode 2
high quality 2
ihe bbc 2
ihe computer 2
inlay card 2
input 2
jlc data 2
jupiter ace 2
key def 2
locate 2
lor 2
machine 2
main program 2
micro packs 2
mini memory 2
msx 2
munch maze 2
nearest computer 2
operating system 2
personal computer 2
prices include 2
print flash 2
print print 2
print trb 2
rabbit software 2
reh 2
rem data 2
rem move 2
rem sound 2
rom cartridge 2
screen dump 2
soft ware 2
software adventure 2
source code 2
special features 2
spectrum programs 2
sprites 2
tape filer 2
user definable 2
val 2
vat manager 2
wide range 2
word processor 2
aaa 1
aaa aaa 1
advanced user 1
adventure 1
aliens appear 1
alpha gen 1
ami 1
ant attack 1
applications guide 1
aqi 1
aquarius user 1
array 1
ascii code 1
asp 1
assembler 1
assembly process 1
english 129
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